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Kaleb Thompson's Headshot.jpg
Kaleb Thompson's Headshot.jpg


An Exciting Chapter!

I would love to wish a GRAND welcome to everyone! First off, let me introduce myself! My name is Kaleb Thompson and I am a debut author, specializing in poetry, which I am very ecstatic about! As you can see, based on my homepage, I am a firm believer of faith and an avid lover of the Lord and Jesus Christ. With that being said, my growth in spirituality can largely be attested to my parents, especially my father, who I have watched influence others through his significant role as a pastor for the last 18 years, so yes, I am a preacher's kid at heart.  I also have two siblings who I genuinely love.

My purpose of writing poetry is to inspire and motivate others and I pray and hope that each of you becomes affected in a positive way when my poetry book gets released soon. I am very excited about this new chapter and let us continue to journey through this beautiful life together.



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