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About Me: The Description of Kaleb T.

Being a debut author specializing in poetry, I am a dedicated and optimistic individual who enjoys living life to the fullest. Being a native of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I received both his Bachelor's degree and his Master's degree from Coastal Carolina University in May of 2019 and August of 2020, respectively, where I have valued much of his educational experience and career within the hospitality and tourism industry. I have recently started to write poetry to not only inspire others but to help relieve stress as a whole. 

My latest projects



Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Peace in the Midst of the Storm glorifies the significant impact of embracing resilience, designated worth, strong faith, and unwavering confidence in enduring through obstacles and trials, regardless of how difficult they may be. It also brings into effect that no matter how frustrating life deals us a heavy load, the ability to concede is never an option. The people who value our overall presence, self-love, selflessness, and integrity are enriching aspects that serve an integral purpose in moving forward to make ourselves better instead of remaining stagnant in our controlling pasts. Therefore, the setbacks that we are currently experiencing are only vastly temporary as we will no longer remain chained to negativity.  We were all created for the defining purpose of making a positive impact in everything that we do. Therefore, we must endure until the end!

Book Awards

-New York Best Sellers Award (Gold Medal Winner for 'Religion and Spirituality')
-San Francisco Book Festival Award (Honorable Mention for 'Poetry')
-Los Angeles Book Festival Award (Honorable Mention for 'Poetry'
-Literary Titan Book Award (Silver Medal Winner for 'Poetry')
-International Book Award (Finalist for 'Religious Poetry')
-Global Book Award (Finalist for 'Religion and Spirituality')
-American Writing Awards (Finalist for 'Poetry' and 'Spirituality')
-Page Turner Awards (Winner for 'Poetry')
-Royal Dragonfly Award (1st place in the ebook category of 'Religion and Spirituality')

-Firebird Book Awards (2nd place for 'Spirituality')

-Feathered Quill Book Awards (2nd place for 'Religion/Spiritual')

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GENRE WINNER FULL SIZE 2022 - Page Turner Awards Brand Badge By Kent Wynne (C)(1).png
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Royal Dragonfly Book Award Seal.png

Humbled Endorsements

“Sitting across from this individual for the first time, you would think that we knew each other for decades. That’s how much of an impression Kaleb can make on a person, with his words as well as his mentality. Kaleb has solidified his place in this world as a justified pillar amongst the masses. Each page is a golden nugget for one’s application on this journey called life.”

—Geoffrey T. Maxberry, Finance and Compliance Professional

“In a world full of bad news, pessimism, and negativity, Kaleb reminds us that faith, resilience, and empowerment can help us overcome any challenge. For a young man, Kaleb has a tremendous amount of maturity and insight into how all of us can overcome. His poetry is simple and beautiful, and I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a daily uplift.”

—Michael Benson, President, Coastal Carolina University

Raving Reviews

“Peace in the Midst of the Storm is a collection of poetry that will help guide readers into the light from the darkness that has built up inside them. This inspirational anthology will give readers hope and encouragement to find the best of themselves with the help of God." - Literary Titan

"Thompson writes from his own understanding of faith, resilience, and empowerment. He believes everyone is built to withstand the harshest trials. His book provides hope and positivity. I enjoyed how inspiring and uplifting Kaleb Thompson's poetry is. I could feel his positivity. It made me feel like I connected to the words and made them relatable." - Mindy Conahye (Online Book Club)

"Peace in the Midst of the Storm is a book that struck me for the way in which the author deals with the themes. Kaleb Thompson has the gift of touching the hearts of his readers. What I liked most of all is that during the reading I felt gradually calmer and was more and more open to receiving the messages of hope and optimism. This book reminds us that, no matter how difficult our life is, we have the ability to recover. This poetry collection is one of the most inspiring and positive books I have ever read." - Astrid Lustilin (Readers' Favorite)

"Peace in the Midst of the Storm" is a striking collection of exquisitely illustrated poems and lyrical prose, inviting you to speak faith and build resilience and courage to stay steadfast in focusing on where you need to go and where you need to be. Here, the entries explore the themes of positivity, selflessness, and confidence in the face of adversity." - Lily Andrews (Reader Views)

"Peace in the Midst of the Storm will appeal to Christian readers and collections interested in literary connections to faith. It focuses on overcoming obstacles that impede faith and confidence, on adopting a selfless behavior set that approaches both mortal and spiritual life with hope and proactive thinking, and it solidifies the kind of faith that connects individuals to the freedom of choice they must maintain to strengthen their spiritual bonds." - Donovan's Literary Services

"This book soothes, motivates, strengthens the relationship and admiration to the Christian God, and it also encourages growth, personal growth, through its soft and well-thought words. You can see that the author, Kaleb, is talking from his heart and has passed through some challenging times himself, so these advices are charged with conviction and will lift the reader up in dire circumstances. This is a book that, if you are devoted to God, and are going through some rough times, you should keep it with you at all times. A must read." - Scribble's Worth Book Reviews

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