About Me: The Description of Kaleb T.

Being a debut author specializing in poetry, I am a dedicated and optimistic individual who enjoys living life to the fullest. Being a native of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I received both his Bachelor's degree and his Master's degree from Coastal Carolina University in May of 2019 and August of 2020, respectively, where I have valued much of his educational experience and career within the hospitality and tourism industry. I have recently started to write poetry to not only inspire others but to help relieve stress as a whole. 



New York Times Bestseller Award Winner!


Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Peace in the Midst of the Storm glorifies the significant impact of embracing resilience, designated worth, strong faith, and unwavering confidence in enduring through obstacles and trials, regardless of how difficult they may be. It also brings into effect that no matter how frustrating life deals us a heavy load, the ability to concede is never an option. The people who value our overall presence, self-love, selflessness, and integrity are enriching aspects that serve an integral purpose in moving forward to make ourselves better instead of remaining stagnant in our controlling pasts. Therefore, the setbacks that we are currently experiencing are only vastly temporary as we will no longer remain chained to negativity.  We were all created for the defining purpose of making a positive impact in everything that we do. Therefore, we must endure until the end!

Humbled Endorsements

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“Sitting across from this individual for the first time, you would think that we knew each other for decades. That’s how much of an impression Kaleb can make on a person, with his words as well as his mentality. Kaleb has solidified his place in this world as a justified pillar amongst the masses. Each page is a golden nugget for one’s application on this journey called life.”

—Geoffrey T. Maxberry, Finance and Compliance Professional

“In a world full of bad news, pessimism, and negativity, Kaleb reminds us that faith, resilience, and empowerment can help us overcome any challenge. For a young man, Kaleb has a tremendous amount of maturity and insight into how all of us can overcome. His poetry is simple and beautiful, and I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a daily uplift.”

—Michael Benson, President, Coastal Carolina University